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We are WOO!

We are online marketing professionals gaining experience everyday and have been operating and growing since 2017. We help brands grow and establish and maintain a balance between us and the client.

The right team matters.

An agency can never be better than the people working in it. So we have the best ones on board!

Our story

Welcome to WOO

We know that if we want to be an outstanding agency, we have to work hard, keep our deadlines and bring only the best things into the world. The bar is set very high nowadays, so we conquer it with our energy, passion, and attention to detail. Our clients call us WOO, and the marketing campaigns we create for them are always effective, and frequently talked about.

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4 pillars of WOO

We are leaders in influencer marketing, provide comprehensive management of social media, create marketing strategies and content in the form of AV production.


Team Players

In our team, you will find professionals who live and breathe digital marketing. We work as a team, have an open mindset and we are never satisfied with average.

Count on Us

There is a balance between us and our client. We approach clients individually and transparently. We are always honest and we build campaigns and their results on data and an understanding of the customer's needs.


We can adapt to the needs of our clients and come up with ideas that bring them real value. We are a dynamic agency and our ideas are never far away from implementation.

Up to Date

We are driven by a desire for learning. We follow the latest trends and know what opportunities these open for our clients. You can also see us speaking regularly at professional conferences.

WOO Management


Petr Srna

Peter is our WOOking! He is involved from idea making to execution and constantly looks for new opportunities. He always keeps his promises.

If you shoot him an email, he’ll respond within 3 minutes.

WOO Executive Director

Petr Kurz

His overview across the entire marketing field makes him what every company needs – a valuable person in the field of strategy not only towards the client but also towards WOO.

He sets the WOO rules but is also the referee.

Intern Director

Martin Katkovčin

Martin takes care of our WOO cash flow. He is fluent in finance so it's no wonder he's proficient in accounting as well as numerology. For example, he can calculate your personality using your date of birth.

He regularly ice baths, so he runs the office ice-calm.

There are many more of us. But still we are looking for talented people.

Do you have a lot to offer to WOO and can move us forward? We can never say no to clever and talented people and we are constantly looking for freelancers.

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